Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our practice is built upon our principles. Every decision will be rooted in our values. We will continue to evolve and reflect on the foundation in which we were built. We believe that growth and adversity are not mutually exclusive, so when we encounter challenges we will lean upon our values for guidance.


Our vision is for all people to have access to high-quality mental health care. 


Our mission is to enrich the psychological health of children, adolescents, adults, and families through services that are seamless, accessible, and inviting. 

Core Values

We are tenacious in everything we do.

We act with authenticity and integrity.

We are open, curious, and respectful to all cultures and perspectives.

We are growth-oriented and seek wisdom and optimal health in every phase of life.

We understand the importance of playfulness.

We are collaborative in our approach of all whom we encounter.

We strive for excellence yet understand it is a dynamic, insatiable process that often comes secondary to disintegration.

We embrace imperfection and use mistakes as opportunities to learn, teach, grow, and connect with others.